is a social ART
platform that pays direct
rewards for sharing and
curating quality-rich

We Exist

To extend quality art to a global audience and encourage a cross-cultural dialogue.

To generate alternative economic support for artists and organizations.

To inspire a deeper social engagement
with creative expression.

Freedom of Expression

Freedom is the fundamental building block of artistic expression.

Imageconomy aims to offer a censorship‑free environment that allows participants an unconfined, unabridged spectrum of expression. more

While detrimental acts against the platform and members of its community will not be tolerated, Imageconomy leverages Wisdom of the Crowds to encourage the network’s democratic dynamics and allow merit-based rewards to establish norms of its environment.



Imageconomy calls artists, art writers, art collectors, art organizations, institutions and followers of Arts and Culture to take agency in co-creating a new shared space where art lives, thrives and provides financial rewards. more


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By using Imageconomy’s mobile and web applications, anyone, anywhere, anytime can create a user account for free and within minutes begin engaging with the international art community and its content.

Imageconomy’s interactive features allow you to seamlessly share and experience Art, promote exhibitions and happenings, tell stories about art, its history and collections, all while earning digital currency for your contributed content, attention and time.


New Market Space

Imageconomy offers a novel market space tailored to today’s economies of visual consumption, and generates merit-based rewards for the creators of art, as well as its custodians, promoters, organizers and audiences. more

Imageconomy platform eliminates all barriers between artists and their audience - allowing direct monetization of art experiences and ideas for both sides of the exchange.


How it Works

Whether you are a seasoned participant in the Art World or a newcomer, Imageconomy is the art community for you. With Imageconomy’s mobile and web apps, users can earn digital currency by sharing content and upvoting for favorites. The more the post is upvoted, the more it earns. more

Be Rewarded for Your Love of Art

Users can transfer their digital currency for cash or hold it to boost their voting power. Voters can earn additional rewards by simply being early to identify popular posts. The more voting power the user captures, the greater impact and value is carried by their vote.

Anyone can increase the power of their vote by building followers, being an active member of the network, or buying in directly. Users with the highest voting power become the network’s Patrons and use the leverage of their vote to promote and empower their favorite art, artists, curators, storytellers, collections and institutions.



Powered by blockchain technology, Imageconomy’s rewards distribution is secure, transparent and governed by the popular vote. more

Blockchain is a shared distributed ledger technology in which each transaction is digitally signed to ensure its authenticity and integrity. Once an academic idea, the technology is now the backbone of innovative business models. In short, the most significant innovation since the Internet.

Imageconomy's Blockchain

By building its platform using consensus protocol blockchain - Steem, Imageconomy empowers individuals to take charge of their experience and earning potential while delivering value and superior platform experience to its community.

“Everything you do...every post, every comment, and every like—translates to a fraction of a digital currency called Steem. Over time, as Steem accumulates, it can be cashed out for normal currency.

  • Cost-Free User Transactions
  • Time-Stamped Content
  • Transparency
  • Immutable Public Record
  • Proof of Concept: Over $25mm distributed to date
  • No Micropayments. No Tipping